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Columbia Academy was founded by Mr. James Han, who has over eighteen years of teaching and experience of operating a learning center. Columbia Academy seeks to improve and enhance students' overall educational experience by providing the tool and guidance necessary for the students to succeed in school and in life. We, at Columbia Academy, believe all students have the potential to succeed academically with the right mentoring. 

    Mr. James Han has helped numerous students achieve their personal and academic success through preparation, motivation and guidance. 

Mission Statement


At Columbia Academy, we believe that all children have the ability to learn and excel academically through proper guidance and counseling. We also believe that education is a foundational basis for bringing about improvement in an individual's life. The teachers and staff at Columbia Academy strive to improve the lives and welfare of its students by promoting confidence through academic achievements.

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Grand Opening

Officially opens on March 1, 2014

"Going to College" Seminar is scheduled for April 19, 2014

Student Scores 2015

*Eric K. 35

*Bryan S. 2350

*Issac K. 2250

*Tylor L. 34

*Jun L. 35

*Luke K. 2250

*Cloe Y. 34




Our Staff

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